“I love Korea, because…” video contest results 2012

Here are the results of the “I love Korea, because…” video contest 2012:

No. Name Nationality Prize 
1 Chie Kamino Japan Grand Prize
2 Daniel Alejandro Martinez Larsen Mexico Gold Prize
3 Adi Oh Germany Gold Prize
4 Lina Lucas Portugal Gold Prize
5 María Alejandra Díaz Caldas Colombia Silver Prize
6 John Christopher P. Bonifacio Philippines Silver Prize
7 Taha Saran Turkey Silver Prize
8 Nicholas Kilonzo Muindi Kenya Silver Prize
9 Merve TALAY Turkey Bronze Prize
10 Kazagashev Oleg Kazakhstan Bronze Prize
11 Noeum Sokvichhai Cambodia Bronze Prize
12 Yohanna Olmedo Uruguay Bronze Prize
13 Martha Isabel Barrera Pinilla Chile Bronze Prize

* Source: http://www.mofat.go.kr/introduce/announcements/announcements/index.jsp?menu=m_70_70_10&sp=/webmodule/htsboard/template/read/korboardread.jsp%3Fboardid=234%26typeID=6%26tableName=TYPE_DATABOARD%26seqno=342878

The full list of winners for the “Prize for Excellence” and “Extraordinary Contribution” can be found in the above link.




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